Delightful decoration, customized for your loved one’s birthday, at your place!


A biiig box full of hydrogen balloons and cute presents for your loved one.


Cutest cluster of polaroids hanging from the roof to balloons clouds! Surprise set-up at your place!


Wishes unveiled by bikers on the go while you are on a ride with your loved ones.


An exhilarating Flashmob and a surprise message reveal for your loved one!


Surprise pull over on your way with a celebration tent by the side to celebrate your special day.


Embellishment at its best at your place for your loved one’s birthday!


Adorable decoration set-up, custom-arranged at your place for your loved one’s birthday!


A quick yet dazy surprise decoration at your place for your loved one’s birthday!


Celebrate your loved one’s birthday with the children at an orphanage.


Custom made message banner big enough to daze your loved one on a special day!


A series of surprises by wishes and gifts from strangers in your way.  


A serial surprise of calls from strangers with wishes and funny conversations.


A visual treat of a video edited with all of your favorite pictures and video clips.


Set up a mini theatre at your home and watch your favourite movies and videos.

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