Sealed inside, the 13 reasons you want to explain in a drift bottle with led lighting.

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Retro styled frame with pictures in vintage pendants on a personalized story background.


Frame with "I Love You" written on 100 notes in 100 languages as a polyglot in a beautiful way.


Uniquely pencil-made first letter of the name in a frame.

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3D Sound wave produced when you say “I love you”, in a hollow frame.

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Vintage-themed Unique Gift, Jar of Promises, and a photo pendant.  

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A big letter to your loved ones with cemented alphabet.

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Easel with customized cards creatively designed, describing the character of your friend.


Little book of love messages or a short story.


Say it with the elements from the periodic table.

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Wooden box of message pegs that reveal a tiny message when pressed open.


Brookside chocolates in a glass bottle.

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Biiig jar of Candies and chocolates for your loved one.


Frame with "I Love You" micro written in 100 languages in your loved one's name.


 Your friend’s name, is the best in 3D in a box frame.

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Milkshake jar stuffed with love and lot of exciting stuff to eat!

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Lucky Bamboo plant of good fortune in an Italian made glass jar.

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