– Pictures shown on the website are photographed under proper lighting and the colors could slightly vary by chance when it comes to you due to several reasons like the lighting and your color resolution on your device.

– The pricing on the products is established considerate to several factors including the time, taxes, availability, and the market, and is wholly Happiclap Inc.’s resolution.

– The product outcome eminently depends on the pictures you send for it. Pictures in high definition are used in the photos on the website.

– The design would be processed further for a few products even if there are less number of pictures shared or even if there are no texts/names shared for customization.

– The delivery timelines extend according to the time when the customization details are completely shared. Also the shipping process would be rescheduled which implies delays if the designs are approved late by the customers

– Certain elements in products that are purchased from local markets (Ex. Fairy lights) do not cover any guarantee in working/lifetime.

– Products which are made by hand on human precision are not subject to any warranty/guarantee.

– Any damages/transit mishandling reported will be treated with appropriate resolutions, provided with an opening video or appropriate pictures within 2-3 days after the product is delivered.

– The product specifications are approximate to their values on weight, size and color. We won’t be responsible for any misconceptions about the product.

– The gifts hampers and crates are attempted for delivery only once with prior notification and calls.

– Happiclap Inc. is not responsible for any kind of usage of our products and services which leads in their damage.

– Fragile products, if in case broken, would be replaced only if contacted on the day of delivery. Provided with proper photo/video of the opening

– Products which include sweets, flowers and chocolates, and other perishable/edible items would be attempted to deliver only once.

– Happiclap Inc. would not be responsible if our gifts and customized designs are hurting or disturbing the feelings of anyone in any manner.


– Delivery is executed by third parties, so we cannot assure on 100 % accurate delivery amidst our continuous tracking.

– Delay in the delivery due to bad weather, natural calamities or any other unavoidable circumstances won’t be held responsible by us.

– If you are unable to receive the products even after the re-attempts, we won’t be responsible for the gifts return by the delivery agents.

– If the recipient refuses to collect the gifts or is away, it will be returned to our nearest office and would be held for your pick up.

– Well described address has to be registered from your account for accurate delivery if in case the delivery agents couldn’t reach you on phone.

– Deliveries from the third party couriers will not be available on sundays and public holidays

– Deliveries made by the third parties are also subjected to their Terms and Conditions.

– Duplicate Orders where you place the same order twice would be reconfirmed from you and if you are not reachable, would be subject to our decision.

– Any modifications/customization of the product will be taken for 24 hours from the time of booking.

– The Pictures and the text you upload would be added to the design without any changes. We will not be responsible for your errors in picture selection or text typing.


– Pictures displayed on the website are either from the demo surprises or representational images and hence could be partially variant on your surprise.

– Location permissions or no-objections have to be taken care of by the customers, wherein case if we deal with it, respective charges of the locations/permissions would be laid on customers.

– Any kind of damage/disturbance that occurred to the surroundings during the surprise would not be held responsible by us.

– In case if you are not reachable on calls, our associates will be at the surprise location and try to reach out to you throughout the noted surprise time and then post the time, we will not be responsible for your absence and any money will not be refunded.

– For any surprise which requires a sound system, you have to make sure you arrange a good enough system or ask us for it with an effective charge.

– Maintaining proper coordination with the surprise makers, being the medium for them, and the to-be-surprised ones to avoid any errors like pre-reveal or mistakings have to be properly coordinated and we will not hold responsibility.

– Our associates will not be doing or held responsible for any other services than the quoted works.

– In case of any damage or loss of our properties in your charge would be recovered.


– Pictures displayed on the website are either from the demo events or representational images and hence could be partially variant on your event.

– Event set-ups or the pictures look different in different light conditions. Any difference found in how the set up looks from the pictures on the website in opposite lighting would not be our responsibility.

– There could be little variations on the set-up based on the availability of the items needed. however, we make sure it doesn’t hold less good.

– The stages or set up shown in the picture are made on the ideal sizes, for any alterations in the set up size to meet your requirements or constraints, the ideal overlook would not be the same as in the picture however we deliver the best in your need.

– All the pre-requirements mentioned have to be arranged at the proper time and place.

– Royalty that needs to be paid to the venue for external setups would be laid on the customers.

– All the properties in the event setup would be collected at the end of the event and any missing/damage happened to the properties would be recovered.

– A minimum amount of booking quote has to be made in order to get your event manager allotted. For orders less than 3 services/booking amount less than 15000, you will be allotted with the respective service providers for those services but not an event manager.

– The personal POC allocated for your queries, at the time of booking, will be assisting for 3 days and the whole progress gets expired if you aren’t booking at that time.

– Advance amount once booked will not be refunded.

– The event manager allocated to you will only be responsible for the services booked and will not be at the service of any other jobs.

– Pricing and the quote varies on the basis of factors like the venue, time, availability and the market.

– You would be held responsible for properly treating the artists and the service providers. Alcoholic handlings will not be encouraged.

– The quoted service will be done as per the planned time and thereafter no over-time job will be assisted.

– There will not be any changes that affect the quote in the event plan once it is booked. The event manager would be at help for any kind of additions in the plan.

– Unless there is a missing in the quoted service or an associate from our side, there won’t be any deductions accepted in the payment.

– Make sure there will be an uninterrupted power supply during the set up and throughout the event, for which we will not be responsible.

– All the stages of payment are to be done as instructed and any kind of delaying is not encouraged and would be charged against.


– The pictures of a service/event, if posted on any social media from our side, would be taken down immediately if the clients had an objection and bring it up to us.

– Any pictures or video clips you share on social media with Happiclap’s hashtags would be reposted by us with a thank you note.


– Usage of pictures/videos or website content from happiclap.com for any personal or business purposes without permissed approvals would be considered a violation.

-Usage of pictures/Ideas and plans from happiclap collections and reproducing with other parties would be considered a violation. Reselling/Distributing/Reproducing the same would be liable to charge.

-Imposing a huge load, Hacking or any other unethical cyber activities would be legally chargeable.

-Placing false orders, making fake enquiries/calls to mislead our associates or services or website would be recorded and held to a legal charge.

-Download/Screenshotting or any other copy/recording process on our pictures and website content would be strictly held to legal charges.

-Customers/Clients would be on an agreement to receive promotional, transactional and commercial communication from happiclap through Email and SMS.