12 name printed envelopes subsuming 12 beautiful feelings about your loved one, in a classy custom made box with your names.


Compound message cut-out suspended inside a palm-sized message bottle. 


Adjectives written for each letter of the name describing the person floating in a gracefully slim frame.


3D-Splashed effect, two-layered photo frame.


The Picture highlighted around yellow scribbles, with name, wishes, birthdate, and interests doodles in a Vibrant-Yellow frame.


365 Personalized Messages for 365 days for your loved one in a big glass jar.


Calendar designed on a colour chrome with your pictures.


Message for your loved one on an ancient paper in a drift bottle.


Uber cool wooden case of 12 message bottles and colored polaroids in a chill theme.

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Keys highlighted message frame.


Negative elaboration for your friend's name, in the most annoying way.


Secret agent themed design based on the agents reporting in the movie Vikram.


Picture roll in a cutesy jar adorned with name scrabbles and a globe-like cork lid.

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Name written in 3D using Morse code in a frame.


Frame designed like your friend sitting on their name.


Set of well-deserved titles (worst titles!) framed for your dear ones.

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Vintage Photo Pendant with a personalized message card for your loved ones.


Digitally processed flared-up effect creating a unique photo frame with a vibrant background.

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