Valentine's-2023 Collection

One of a Kind, Handpicked Gifts from Happiclap Originals!



Vintage calendar designed with B/W pictures and writable space.


Frame with "I Love You" micro written in 100 languages in your loved one's name.


Name featured envelope design with sketchy leaves patterns and a message card inside.


A mini map of your memorable place and names mounted in a classy white frame.


Ancient themed journal with corroded-effect pages in a foldable case.


Gorgeous journal with writable black pages in a hard case, with a set of polaroids to attach memories. 


 A silhouette of your picture, cut and placed in a black box frame with lighted borders. 


Old telegram styled letter in a frame.


Personal messages for every mood in beautiful colored burlap pouches.


Old telegram styled letter in an envelope attached to a frame.


A bonny jar full of wishes/message cards wrapped by a Boho patterned exterior.


Registry certificate as ‘Love-birds’ in a classy burlap case.


Sophisticated message card design that just takes all the attention.


Stained art of your favorite picture in an aesthetic box frame.


Monochromatic art of your favorite picture in a classy, contrasting box frame.


Custom-made unauthorized License card replicas for funny accomplishments.


Chemical reaction of "You +Me = Love".


Brookside chocolates in a glass bottle.


Golden glowing words to your loved one in a little glass bottle.


Declare your loved one as the best GF/BF with an authenticated certificate.


Favourite verse of your favourite song with an appropriate background.


Say it with the elements from the periodic table.

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Picture roll in a cutesy jar adorned with name scrabbles and a globe-like cork lid.

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