Raksha bandhan Gifts - 2020 Collection

One of a Kind, Handpicked Gifts for your lovely sibling from Happiclap Originals!

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 1,450.00 4,250.00

Dual-view photo frame which creates an illusion changing the display when seen from one side to the other.

 1,460.00 2,780.00

One best picture of your beloved, carefully mosaic-ed by many other pictures.

 1,750.00 2,300.00

The first letter of your loved one's name with pictures, suspended in a classy hollow frame.

 1,380.00 2,540.00

A beautiful frame to clip in your polaroid pictures, on a jute background.

 1,410.00 2,210.00

Custom composed doodle art around your loved one's name in a frame.

 1,180.00 1,280.00

Your names arranged with scrabble letters on a love doodled background.

 980.00 1,680.00

Pictures in a moon saying "Love you to the Moon and Back".


Name derivations, Meaning, Stars, and more, printed on Manuscripts!


 A pocket-sized book full of your selfies/pictures.

Out of stock

Uniquely pencil-made first letter of the name in a frame.


 Scan the QR code on the greeting cards to get the hidden Message/Greetings.


 Adjective elaboration for your friend's name, with the best qualities they are made of.


Pop Art of your loved one with a comic poster-style title.


Picture chips of your loved one in a sarcastic Not pringles box with some dope content over it.


3D-Splashed effect, two-layered photo frame.


Calendar designed on a colour chrome with your pictures.

Out of stock

Custom-composed poetry for your beloved, in a vintage patterned wooden box.


A custom-branded green tea box with 20 tea bags with positive messages to start the morning with.


Literally nothing in a name-printed box wrapped up with just too many layers of packaging.


Name printed burlap in a complementing wooden textured frame.


Personalized key chain with letters of your name on the leaves.


Frame designed like your friend sitting on their name.

Out of stock

Personal messages for every mood in beautiful colored burlap pouches.


Name scraping art on a layered black sheet of colored patterns in a frame.


 Your friend’s name, is the best in 3D in a box frame.


Brookside chocolates in a glass bottle.


Frame the first letter of your loved one’s name classy way.


Declare your loved one as the best GF/BF with an authenticated certificate.

Out of stock

Gold-ink embossed letter in a hexagon shaped wooden box with hand drawn Mandala Art on it.


Pixelated Photo frame.

Out of stock

Little match box for your Lit friends with their name and pictures.

Out of stock

Box of popping confetti, message roll, and a picture strip shooting out as you open it.

Out of stock

Chess board with your photo printed over it.

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