1,750.00 2,300.00

The first letter of your loved one's name with pictures, suspended in a classy hollow frame.


A fairy light bottle with your picture, name, and stars glimmering inside. 

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Mug with Boho patterned wishes and pictures of your loved ones.


Set of greeting cards with their name, Zodiac sign, and the horoscope.  


Brookside chocolates in a glass bottle.

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Biiig jar of Candies and chocolates for your loved one.


Frame designed like your friend sitting on their name.


 Your friend’s name, is the best in 3D in a box frame.

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Milkshake jar stuffed with love and lot of exciting stuff to eat!


Custom Greeting Cards with Handprint of your friend and made-up good things from the palmistry.


Personalized key chain with letters of your name on the leaves.

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