Bangle making stall where the guests can prepare their own bangles assisted by the artists and take home.


Chill out with the Ice golas from the Ice Gola stall at the party.


Interactive Selfie box with a plenty of selfie props and a large led screen to check live.


Stall of Nail art with artist offering nail art to the guests.


Popcorn is everyone's best friend to pass the time. Delicious popcorn stall for the guests.


Selfie arena with plenty of selfie properties.


Party stylist in a stall to keep your style game up, providing styling your hair, looks and touch-ups.


Who doesn't want a sugar candy? Get this colorfully yummy sugar candy stall at the party.


Trampoline set up for kids who can't not jump for a while.


Virtual reality stall with provided VR boxes and videos where guests can visit and check the VR experience for fun.

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